My name is Dawn, I own K9Lifestyles Pet Dog Training,  I have always been around dogs. About 18 years ago I got my first Mini Smooth Dachshund, someone suggested to show her in conformation ring, so I did we won a few prizes , but I was hooked, so I got a Standard Smooth Dachshund bitch , I then had an opportunity to get a boy, so that was the start of my line. I bred them and kept a lovely puppy, who then went onto to win Best of Breed at Crufts 2014/2015. 

Dawn and Storm

Ch Amlida Evora, she gained 15 CCs by the end of her show career. I have bred a couple of my other girls and gained 2 more champions. The first boy I had never liked the show ring, but he needed a job to do,  I contacted Bavarian Mountain Hound of GB as they did tracking for wounded deer, they kindly let me join them, it was a job for him and fun to do, he then went onto to gain his level one test diploma, the only smooth haired dachshund to achieve this in the UK. Sadly he is not with us any more, but this pushed me on. I now have Storm whom I bred also, but as a puppy he always wanted to learn more, I felt I couldn’t keep up with him, so I attended KCGC with him , he passed all of them. A friend said I should attend PDTI that year, so I did, the start of my training,  I have attended three times gaining more knowledge. I felt as I was still showing that we needed a local ringcraft class, where you could learn to show your dog, not just turn up at a show, it took off and people enjoy learning. Scent work was still what I enjoyed, Tracking and Trailing, so I attended a week long instructor course with Mantrailing UK, and myself and Storm were hooked. 

Mantrailing really took off, people were really interested, Mantrailing is teaching your dog to find a specific human scent, hide and seek. I then went onto to do the assesor course, and currently the only MTUK Assessor in Norfolk. I also still carried on showing and Storm gained his CH title , we are still doing Deer Tracking and I hope he gains his level one later this year. I have passed Dog Parkour Instructor course also Canine Hoopers World Instructor. But it is still scent work for us. 

A group of dachshund dogs sitting on a tile floor
Dawn’s pack

Earlier this year I did UK Sniffers Bronze Tracking Instructor, also attended Canine Instructor Academy.  I have also done various scent work courses online, due to Covid, I am continuously learning and adding to my knowledge as a pet dog trainer.

I currently own 6 standard smooth dachshunds, three do a job of some sort and three enjoying life in retirement. 

I am also currently Breed Health Coordinator for the Bavarian Mountain Hounds of GB.